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youth éditions

With a dose of gaiety, liberty, carefreeness and adventure - youth éditions celebrates a blessed era, inspired by the 70's, when everything was possible: to free oneself, to dare, to have fun, to transgress... iconic ideals and motifs that have marked our collective subconscious through cinema, fashion, graphic art and of course, design. youth éditions aspires to revive this spontaneous art of living, to hold an optimistic message, to express vital and creative energy in our homes with a fresh and contemporary look. This nostalgia is reflected in a colourful and luminous universe of expressive shapes and tactile materials where curves and volume serve comfort and softness, youth éditions infuses a refreshing aesthetic by presenting furniture collections that are both strong and accessible, inviting us to enjoy, play and share.

'nouvelle vague' collection

The 'nouvelle vague' collection is composed of sculptural and engaging pieces with soft curves and roundness as a common thread. Each piece of furniture or light fixture is designed to embellish, brighten up and take over an interior and can stand alone in its value. The chairs are imagined as a group of friends with individual personalities and character traits, the wall lamps with their soft angles accentuate colour, the organic and enveloping armchair guarantees release, the bookcase, a unique presence in a room, and the sculptural tables encourage sharing.

Joris Poggioli, founder and artistic director

Interior architect and designer, Joris Poggioli imagines furniture collections that exemplify and cherish form and celebrate the power of material. His pieces exude a strong presence and flirt with the art of sculpture. In parallel to his name-sake line, Joris Poggioli creates Youth Editions, inspired by an ambition to propose accessible yet bold and playful pieces, while remaining faithful to his vision of contemporary design.

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